Solar Powered Gadgets

A Solar car air conditioner

The "Psychro-ray" is an air conditioner for the car powered with solar energy. It 's just a prototype for the moment and something tells us that there is no way that solar energy alone could feed a hungry kind of conditioner power that includes "filtering system to coal and electrostatic dust collector" .

But we like the way they are thinking people. Once the reality set in line with these designers, the world will become a great post, lasciatecelo say.

The solar charger


We are not sure that these camping accessories persuade us a lot. And 'as if someone told sorie holiday of years ago.

At least, years ago, could not store solar energy as it can be done now. The Universal Solar Charger very much like a Nintendo DS. It can recharge a myriad of different accessories thanks to the wide range of adapters and USB port.

Just exposing the cells to the sun, plug your equipment and you can enjoy a little 'of electrical charge that you can discover the joys of camping. E 'on available for less than 50 euros.

A solar-powered headset


While Bluetooth headsets, there are galore, the solar-powered devices such as the Nuclear Man in Superman IV is not any.

Orange said that his Iqua Sun is the first Bluetooth headset in the world to solar energy. " Fascinating! The ecological and lightweight device can have a range of 200 hours in standby and nine hours of conversation in the absence of light.

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